Yuzhou Gu

Fourth year undergraduate student at MIT studying math.
Generalized equivariant model structure on CatI. Preprint.
Some results on reversible gate classes over non-binary alphabets. Preprint.
18.117 Hodge theory. Spring 2017.
Expository Writing
Numerical criteria for ampleness and nefness. 18.726 Project. Spring 2016.
Rationality criteria for motivic zeta functions. 18.917 Project. Spring 2016.
Gauss maps of complete minimal surfaces in R3. 18.994 Project. Fall 2015.
Weil conjectures for curves. Curves Seminar. MIT. 12/16/2016.
Characteristic classes. 18.919. MIT. 11/14/2016.
Homotopical algebra. 18.919. MIT. 10/19/2016. 11/2/2016.
Determinantal varieties. Curves Seminar. MIT. 10/5/2016.
Berkovich analytification, tropicalization, models over DVRs, initial degeneration. STAGE. MIT. 9/9/2016.
Rationality criteria for motivic zeta functions. 18.917. MIT. 4/20/2016. 4/25/2016.
Locally symmetric spaces. STAGE. MIT. 2/23/2016.
Graph magnitude homology. SCUM. MIT. 11/4/2015.
Counting domino tilings and the pfaffian method. Splash!. MIT. 11/23/2013.

Programming Contests
Distributed Code Jam 2016 Second place
Internet Problem Solving Contest 2015 Fourth place, 2016 Fifth place (with Lijie Chen, Zekun Ni)
TopCoder Open 2014 Algorithm Semifinal
Google Code Jam 2014 Third place
International Olympiad in Informatics 2012 Third place
VK Cup 2012 First place

MIT Mystery Hunt 2015